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“There is no truth. There is no diet, no sport, no medical, aesthetic, holistic treatment that is perfect for everyone. We exist, each with its own needs and peculiarities. From this point Dot was born. "C.C.

DOT means point: a fixed point centered on the person. An important point also at the geomantic level, in which it is believed that in order to act positively on man it is necessary to enhance the energy of the place where he lives.

The philosophy of DOT SPA stems from this profound and indispensable need for a renewed balance towards the ocean of awareness generated by the combination of nature, science and experience together. In each of our spas you will find this common thread, which puts the guest and their needs at the center. Water, tailor-made treatments, fitness and much more. Come and discover the world of DOT Spa "

DOT presents innovation: the highly effective Swiss line for visibly healthy, balanced and naturally elastic skin. Customizable face creams and more: complete and tailor-made beauty treatments based on galenic formulations designed in the awareness that every skin type is different. By managing to go beyond traditional classifications based on a few skin categories, DOT has challenged these differences and created the cosmetics of the future that are totally customized.

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