About us

Hospitality professionals.

About us

Hospitality professionals.

Founded in 2000, in Lugano, where it now has its headquarters, Ticino Hotels Group is the management company of an exclusive collection of six establishments on Lake Lugano, Lake Maggiore and the Swiss Canton of Ticino.Created by a group of entrepreneurs from Italy and Ticino, it is one of the most prestigious hotel groups in the whole of Ticino, combining Swiss precision and efficiency with the distinctive values of Italian hospitality and catering.

The establishments currently managed by the group, which employ around 300 people, are the following:

  • Villa Principe Leopoldo, 5-star hotel, Lugano;
  • Park Hotel Principe, 4-star hotel, Collina d'Oro;
  • Villa Sassa Hotel, Residence & Spa, superior 4-star hotel, Lugano;
  • Kurhaus Cademario Hotel & Spa, superior 4-star hotel, Cademario;
  • E-rooms Minusio, completely automated hotel, Minusio;
  • Esplanade Hotel Resort & Spa, 4-star hotel, on Lake Minusio.
Our mission

The best professionals at your service.

Ticino Hotels Group, a hotel management company, aims to offer exceptional hospitality and to anticipate and exceed the needs of our customers and their guests.

Our management approach is to bring together the best hospitality professionals for each position, in each establishment, and then provide the support and skills necessary to ensure the best results for both our shareholders and owners.Our mission involves striving constantly to improve efficiency in order to raise the standard of services provided to our customers.

Whether you have a newly built property or one that you own or have recently acquired, Ticino Hotels Group is ready to be your strategic partner to ensure the success of your establishment in the highly competitive hospitality sector.

CEO Statement

We are 300 people, women and men, united by the same passion: hospitality expressed through Swiss efficiency and Italian elegance.

“The driving force behind our new management model is the development of talent, based on collective and collaborative intelligence. This approach promotes the leadership skills of our 300 talented employees, encouraging them to be bold, take risks and act courageously.  I have always believed that it is not always essential to derive an advantage from what one does: it can be much more fulfilling to be rewarded by the pleasure you feel when you do things.In just three years, we have demonstrated, in a rapidly evolving sector, our ability not only to adapt quickly but above all to anticipate and invent new forms of hospitality: a trend that we intend to keep following.